The Fairtrade Way

At Tea Turtle, we believe that the best deals are win-win-win. We participate in transactions that ensure the satisfaction of our customers and suppliers. We are very proud that we can enjoy the best cup of tea while doing the right thing! To learn more about Fairtrade and how buying fairly traded products helps everyone, check out our Fairtrade info site and blog Here.


Healthy, Strong, Free

Organic isn`t just everything that grows. We are stoked to provide an alternative to pesticides, genetically modified organisms, and preservatives. Food should be pure because what you put into your temple is what you should expect to get out of it. If you`d like to learn more about the benefits of an organic lifestyle check out our organic info site and blog Here.

Our initiatives

Our initiatives


Changing the World

Tea Turtle is located on Vancouver Island. The beauty of our island has taught us that we can`t take our world for granted. All of the staff at Tea Turtle enjoy the outdoors whether climbing around a mountain or scuba diving on the reef. Get involved and learn how you  can help save our oceans, trees and our environment by browsing through our initiatives Page Here.